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Motivated by our environment

We believe in developing for the generations to come, something that makes us aware of the opportunities we have – and need to seize – to leave the world in a better condition than we found it. To seize these opportunities, we have developed our own unique approach to the sustainable development of future-proof distribution centres.

Our approach


We always strive for an optimal result for our environment – landscape, flora & fauna and people – and to achieve the highest possible certifications, such as BREAAM and WELL, to minimise our CO2 emissions. 


We are good for our planet. We reduce our ecological footprint by limiting the need for and use of energy, water and materials. We also encourage the reuse of building materials and stimulate the application of demountable construction techniques.


We are shifting our focus from immediate profit to total long-term value. We add value in three specific areas: user value, environmental value and future value. 

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Our approach

Into: future-proof solutions

Our overall approach is built on seven pillars that collectively add value in line with our Human, Earth and Value sustainability drivers.

Each project is considered on its own and offers specific opportunities and possibilities when it comes to sustainability and circularity. For this reason, we investigate every area and opportunity to achieve the optimal solution for your project. This solution should be sustainable and circular where possible – carefully considered and future oriented. And while the goal is always to generate as much value as possible, we do this not just by focusing on our clients and their needs, but also by focusing on the entire environment around the project.

Location & masterplan

Situation & morphology

Landscape & biodiversity


Health & wellbeing

Materialisation & construction

Business value & future value


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Koen de Bruijn

Koen de Bruijn

Business development manager

+31 (0)13 - 529 30 50 koen.debruijn@intospace.eu