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A new SPACE for NA-KD the fashion brand

NA-KD distrubutiecenter Duiven intospace

Swedish fashion brand will supply market from Intospace DC


Duiven, Oct. 18, 2022 – The management of Swedish fashion brand NA-KD, which will move into a brand new high-tech distribution center in Duiven early next year, visited the future location in the town in Gelderland today. Together with Duiven Mayor Huub Hieltjes, the first of many trees was planted at the distribution center, which is currently still under development by intospace®. The extensively robotized DC should enable NA-KD to supply the European market.



Sustainable design


The new distribution center at the Seingraaf business park will also be sustainably designed in landscape terms. Both intospace® and the Municipality of Duiven have paid a great deal of attention to the design of the building, which, with its many windows, will provide a pleasant working environment for employees. The many green areas around the building will also make it look attractive from the nearby highway. Thus, the distribution center will have a “green” facade, covered with many different native plants. The wall is therefore also of value to local nature and looks attractive in all seasons. With a BREEAM certification of ´Excellent´ grade, the building meets the highest sustainability standards.


Autostore system


One of the main innovations of NA-KD’s future distribution center is the large Autostore system being installed. Autostore is an automated system that moves goods within the distribution center. Robots bring the goods to the packing department, after which orders go via conveyors to an automatic sorting machine. From there, they can be shipped to customers. Because of the high degree of mechanization, the site will employ one hundred to one hundred and fifty people of very diverse educational levels. Ranging from technical and highly skilled employees such as data specialists and IT professionals to warehouse and distribution workers.


Spacious, open-plan offices, large roof terrace


NA-KD and intospace® both consider it very important to create a pleasant workplace for employees. That is why spacious, open-plan offices are being built at this location. On the roof will be a large canteen with a roof terrace. The aim is to achieve WELL certification of “Gold” grade. This means a high level of consideration for the health and well-being of the people who work there.


NA-KD will gradually move into the new location. Phase I of the project will be completed early next year. Phase II will follow by the end of the year. The development includes a total of three linked buildings that can be connected to form one high-tech and sustainable distribution center.



About intospace®


intospace® is the national market leader in logistics real estate investment and development. intospace® develops the logistics real estate and working landscape of the future. Not only that of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but also that of twenty and forty years from now. First and foremost, intospace® buildings are designed with the environment in mind and are at least energy-neutral. People enjoy working there and the health of the employee is paramount. Because of the lack of space in the Netherlands, intospace® often redevelops existing, outdated business locations. In doing so, functions are stacked as much as possible to get the most out of every square meter.