City Logistics Innovation Campus (CLIC)

Solving locked-up city traffic by combining flow of goods, while at the same time creating the perfect eco-system for collaboration and innovation. To become the leading logistics innovation campus.

01 / 07

The challenge

More and more people are moving towards the city. Urbanisation is a trend that will most probably never stop. Cities and their inhabitants are running in to daily congestion issues. Next to this consumer behaviour is changing and people are moving from next day delivery to same day delivery. And as if that isn’t enough of a challenge, the Dutch government wants all traffic to be electrified starting from 2030. This obviously has a big impact on how goods are distributed throughout cities.

The solution

A state-of-the-art city hub close to Amsterdam, minutes away from Schiphol. A logistics campus where transport meets offices, research labs, food service providers, a hotel, padel courts, and much more. With the goal to foster collaboration and innovation within the field of urban logistics. The campus will be publicly accessible, and offer a wide degree of activities that can be partaken by anyone. Being next to a newly developed residential area, CLIC will offer lots of recreation for those citizens, but also teach them about the importance of logistics & what the future is going to bring.


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