Green Roof

A building that combines work and leisure, inside and outside, meetings and small-talk, and much more. We challenged ourselves to come up with a high-performance logistical building, whilst offering the most exciting workspaces & relaxing activities.

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The challenge

We believe that buildings are guests in their environment. This means that where we take from nature and free space, we must give something back as well. Furthermore, the buildings we develop are spaces where employees spend many hours a day. Human-centered design is essential to establish a working environment in which people feel healthy, happy and motivated.

The solution

For people: We created a large-scale park on the roof of the building. A walk through the park is the perfect way to recharge in a green environment. A breath of fresh air for some inspiration, to re-focus and to make sure you get enough movement on a daily basis. Trees, plants, flowers and benches: everything to make you feel connected with nature.


The outdoor rooftop provides spaces to gather and socialize. There is a main square with a terrace: an ideal place to have lunch with your collegues. In the centre we placed an amphitheater where people gather for lectures or presentations.


For nature: The most visible step we take is the usage of green facades and the carefully considered integration in the landscape. They help in giving the building a more modest attitude towards the surrounding landscape. The invisible steps are just as important. We pay close attention to a good management of waste and water resources, we avoid (soil) contamination and we spread the water recollection in the environment. During the construction process of the building, the excavated soil will be re-used. We place it in front of the office entrance, resulting in a green, natural and interesting landscape. Moreover, we will save on material use since we have a smaller office facade.


“Green Roof is the embodiment of our vision to create logistics real estate that is great for our clients, but even better for its employees.”

Tim Beckmann

CEO Intospace


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Koen de Bruijn

Koen de Bruijn

Business Development